Blow the

Pain Away

How do we get you out of pain?

Remove Stress = MELT

Straighten, Strengthen and Align = Egoscue

Build Bone = Strong Bodies Stay Young

Release Unwanted Emotions = Tapping

Meditate Deeply = Guided Meditation

Using these modalities we set do-able goals and figure out what your body is telling you. You will learn to listen to your intuition and trust what it has been telling you all along. I will be your biggest cheerleader, encouraging you to become your own best coach, being free of all kinds of limitations, both physical and emotional. You will feel more energetic, independent and capable. Together we will take clearly designed steps to set you free.  


I synergistically integrate my chosen modalities in a way that best suits each of my clients.

All these modalities take the pain away!


Strengthen bones 

by strengthening 

associated muscles.


Remove stuck stress in the Connective Tissue System
by allowing fluids to move more freely.


Strong Bodies Stay Young fights Osteoporosis, reverses bone loss and builds stamina


Frees emotions, seeks emotional truth and changes habits and thinking patterns.


Body scanning guided meditation focuses on releasing stress and tension and deepens body awareness