• Egoscue Method - Certified Postural Alignment Specialist
  • MELT (Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) Method - Certified Instructor

  • Emotional Freedom Technique - Postural Alignment Specialist 

  • Hypnotherapy - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Guided Meditation Leader

  • BEMER Distributor Micro Circulation Improvement

  • California Certified Teacher

  • Trained Activity Director

  • Artist

Who's Amy?


Amy is a warm, generous woman with years of experience teaching older adults how to take good care of themselves. Her combined skills and  talents of good listening, spotting postural flaws and compassion for the struggles aging can bring make her an exceptional teacher, coach, cheerleader, mentor, sister in arms. The set of modalities she brings with her get you right down into the core of the movement and emotional problems you have been needing help with forever. Her style is concise, direct and kind of demanding; though thorough, kind  and caring as well. The way she manages to put together your personalized Pain Away Plan seems effortless. And. Boom it's done.


This Plan is so beneficial, and absolutely do-able. Her magic comes from being able to integrate and synthesize all these different modalities to suit each individual's needs. This is her synergistic wizardry at work. Students are warmly welcomed and encouraged to settle into her classes right away.  She feels it is important to belong to a league of like-minded others, fighting to stay healthy and safe in these perilous times. She is so good at including everyone. As you come to know her you too will feel her generosity of heart. 

I grew up in Burlingame, California on Walnut Avenue and in our neighborhood there were few families with kids my own age. Instead we were surrounded by older folks. Even so, I found I lived in a neighborhood full of fantastic, and amazing stories. This was a rich fortune for me because my closest neighbors were very welcoming to a little girl eager for new friendships. And they had time to tell an attentive child all about the Big Earthquake of 1906. 


Sitting with them on their porches, they would vividly recall the early morning shaker that tore them from their beds to the horrors of a city in ruins and aflame. I was spellbound as they poured out the details of how they had survived, what they had cooked over campfires in Golden Gate Park, and how they shared whatever they had with strangers. They told of what was lost and how they'd found their way to Burlingame, 18 miles to the south, to safety and a new start. Still living in the same house after all theses years, right next door to me. 


These were important relationships for me and created a fondness in my heart for my elders; sweet-hearted, tender and very kind to me.  My lifelong caring for older folks carries me on today, to give seniors a way to stay healthy, strong, young and engaged. This gives me courage to build this little business and keep right on sharing. With my wealth of knowledge, we can all age as gracefully as possible together. Because by now I am an elder too!