How it began


It makes my day to be passing along these incredible, essential skills, allowing us all to increase the quality of our lives here, in this time, as we near the finish line. Aging in style with a smile. 

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While I was still teaching ballroom, back in the old days, I was given an opportunity to substitute teach for a woman who had family responsibilities to attend to elsewhere. As it turned out she never came back and I am still teaching her class after almost 20 years. I have a very loyal following and we still meet on Tuesday mornings at eleven like clockwork. This program was originally called "Strong Women Stay Young" which is also the title of a book written by Dr. Miriam Nelson who did her research and development at Tufts University, School of Nutrition. Her purpose  was to fight osteoporosis. The exercises are done slowly to the beat of the Waltz. This slow movement, she found, promotes muscle growth all along the length of the muscle, which in turn stimulates bone growth. This program turned out to be quite beneficial for me. Because even though I did not know it at the time, my ballroom career was winding down. 


Teaching Cha cha from a chair a few years later was a clear sign Ballroom was on the way out, my feet could no longer endure the hours in heels. I figured I would be better off if I did a little more sitting in my future. So I pursued the study of Hypnotherapy. I was an eager learner and found a real sense of purpose and personal strength in a number of the techniques I was exposed to during those few years. I still use them daily in my own life as well as with my students and clients to this day; Guided Meditation and Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique which in those days was brand new and very exciting.


During this period my feet were not getting better. The pain became a true limitation in my life. I was becoming more and more isolated. It hurt to stand still for a little chatting, or waiting in line at the grocery store, or getting up and down stairs (especially down). The articulation in my right ankle was so restricted that I figured out backing down the stairs was easier on that poor old thing. I had to do something to ameliorate the situation.


Enter Egoscue! A long time dance student turned friend and a dear cousin both told me within days of each other to read the book that Pete Egoscue had written called Pain Free. I took that as a sign. And while in Static Back, the first e-cise, (short for Egoscue exercise), I read the beginning of that book which was to change my life forever. It was magic, it helped right away. Eventually I took the training and became a Postural Alignment Specialist. 


Then some years later having rid myself of that awful chronic pain I found another important book that would change my life yet again. It was amazing and surprising. It talked about the connective tissue as a system. A newly discovered system which could relieve stress and pain. And shortly after discovering this book, called The MELT Method by Sue Hitzman, I was able to try out the equipment which is needed to open up the passageways to allow the fluid in the Connective Tissue System to start moving again. It worked right away and I could feel my body releasing tensions and pains I wasn't even really aware of until they were gone.  Again I took the MELT Training and became an instructor. I love this work because my students leave my classroom smiling. They feel better and want to come back for more.


With the combination of luck, serendipity and pure chance, I found the home in my heart. The place from which comes the best of me, my healing artist self, serenely seated in my soul. I will be forever grateful to my younger dancer self for her bravery and willingness to embrace change and get on with the future I am now living and sharing with you all.