Meditation opens you to peace of mind and healing.

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Come enjoy a peaceful moment and ease into the rest of your life with all the strength and faith you will need to succeed. Welcome to the soft, sweet, tender, loving, kindness you will find here.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a well known and commonly used way to reduce stress and discomfort in everyday life. Relaxation and quiet time can rejuvenate your body in a natural and soothing way. It is not necessary to be perfectly still during these sessions. As a matter of fact, before the quiet part of the meditation begins we do some simple, easy, relaxing movements to settle down and so we can truly enjoy living in our body.


The teaching of Holly Holmes Meridith is reflected in the work Amy does so well.  She will have you focus on a full body scan aiming at identifying and ridding yourself of tensions throughout your body. You will be encouraged to develop your personal internal languaging skills so that you can have access to the truth your body tells you, tuning into the deeper truth which allows for peace of mind and personal growth.

NOTE: Holly Holmes-Meridith, D. Min., MFT teaches a transpersonal form of hypnotherapy, she says, "by engaging a transpersonal or spiritual focus in hypnotherapy, the client's personal transformation can be supported by invoking the client's higher self or the wisest transcendent aspect of consciousness. This work moves the ego out of the way so that healing and profound change can take place, often fairly effortlessly".


Guided Meditation meets most Mondays at 2:15 pm

30-minute classes 

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