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Look for future classes that could quell anxieties when you are unable to find your car keys, or before taking a test, or to root out the stress of deep loss or pent up anger, manage fears such as fear of flying or being lost, enhance memory retention or change unwanted habits. 

Tapping is the street name for Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. It was created by Gary Craig based on the premise which states, "all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system". It is great way to blow away emotional blocks. It was developed, in part, to find peace of mind. It is also a quick and easy way to understand the emotional truth of your mind and body. Your body does not lie, so don't believe everything you think. Learn to read the truth your body has to tell you and trust your feelings and intuition. 


Tapping can be used to ease physical pain as well as emotional pain. In other words it is an invaluable tool in many parts of life. Using Tapping becomes a way of life. A very peaceful and loving way of life.


In class, learning how to isolate or suspend thinking about feelings can and often does loosen up chunks of emotion. Usually, each round of Tapping loosens more emotion, stuff that has perhaps been stuck for years or lifetimes. Often results occur in a very short time, even lasting results.


It is a simple technique which can be learned in a matter of moments. Tapping can be done without any private matters be revealed. One can be assured of a safe, supportive and loving environment. Often Tapping is done during an actual crisis event to great advantage. Tapping can be beneficial even if the actual act of Tapping itself is left out. Tapping without Tapping, if you will. In some cases it can become a meditation in and of itself.

Meets twice a week:

Most Mondays at 11:00 for 45 minutes; 

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Meets Wednesdays at 11:00 for 45 minutes;

Tapping for World Peace!


Tapping blows away emotional blocks.